Wine On The RoadIf Tuscany is a garden then Piedmont is a jungle, still beautiful but not quite as civilized.  The hills are steeper and the woods a bit deeper, but that doesn’t make this part of Italy any less interesting from a wine point-of-view.  Far from it, Piedmont is home to several varietals that lodge near the top of many wine lovers’ lists…Click here to see more of my Unfiltered, Unfined column.

I’ve always wanted to personally share what I talk about in my columns.  Wine On The Road (, my wine-focused, luxury touring company, now allows you to join me for the ultimate in wine country experiences with special access to top winemakers and their incomparable wines.  Wine on the Road offers intimate (a maximum of eight clients per tour), behind-the-scenes wine country tours that combine award-winning wines and exquisite dining and lodging with uniquely local flair and flavor.

I’m initially planning on offering two separate tours in 2011, to the very places I talk about in this column.  One such tour is planned for Piedmont (the end of truffle season) and Burgundy in anticipation of the Hospice de Beaune charity auction.  This hallowed agenda is scheduled for November 2011, and trip details as well as pricing are currently being determined.  Take a look at  You can also check into booking private groups in wine country world-wide by emailing

To secure your place with me on this tour or if you would like more information on any of our tours, please email me at