The hills of Apalta in Colchagua, ChileWine On The Road’s Chief Wine Sherpa Ben Weinberg has just returned from preliminary site-checks in South America.

“I’ve recently finished almost two weeks of Chilean and Argentine wine tours…This week I’ve been crossing Chile, a country that is approximately 4,500 kilometers long and only 200 kilometers wide at its widest point.  Such strung-out terroir means this is a land of contrasts, sandwiched between the Andes Mountains and the Pacific Ocean.  Most valleys run east-west with large temperature and humidity gradients between hills and sea, and Europe’s influence on language and culture means that the winemaking is a fascinating mixture of Old and New World.”

Click here for the rest of this article, first published on Unfiltered, Unfined.  Also take a look at the following video of Dennis Murray, Director of Montes Winery in Colchagua, Chile, showing off the local terroir from a bird’s-eye location perched on one of the hills of Apalta: