Profiting From A Design Sprint

Profiting From A Design Sprint

I was recently engaged to oversee and facilitate a Google Ventures design sprint for Promethean Learning Experience Design (PLExD, LLC), a boutique e-learning design company in Denver, Colorado, owned by James Finder. PLExD’s focus is on designing and developing content to get the most out of training for Millennials, Gen-Xers, and Baby Boomers alike, and legal cannabis is one of the spaces that PLExD plays in.

James already had a successful company based on subcontracting his e-learning services out to major players (contractors) in the space. What he needed was a best-practices marketing plan, a map that outlined his next steps to move up the food chain and become one of those major players that does the farming out.

Another column as The Cannabrander, where I focus on best branding practices for MJNewsNetwork.

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