Project Brief

Client: 10.10.10 Founders, LLC – 10 CEOs, 10 Wicked Problems, 10 Days (2017-Present).

Engagement: Consult as “Ninja and Sprinter Lead.”

Deliverables: We recruit top-level talent and design programs focused on lean startup, design sprint, and human centered methodologies that keep this talent at peak performance while also accomplishing all relevant company objectives on time and under budget.  We also create and develop marketing, sales, operational, and administrative systems and associated forms, templates, and procedures.  We continue to administer and operate this talent pool and advise in other areas as required.

Staffing: One (1) Senior Consultant, one (1) Consultant.

Results: A standardization of best-practice procedures and processes that led to an ability to franchise this opportunity world-wide.




More Deliverables




Skills Needed

As a percent of the total.

Marketing 20%
Sales 20%
Operations 50%
Administration 10%

Targeted Recruitment & Training

can bring a brand to life.

Operational Prowess

allows vetted, reproduceable results.