Project Brief

Client: Simplexity Institute LLC DBA icu2, a provider of products and services for the neurodiverse community worldwide (2018-Present).

Engagement: Consult as “Chief Marketing Officer.”

Deliverables: We develop and manage marketing, sales, operational, administrative, and business model systems strategies, tactics, and processes, including the creation of associated forms, templates, and procedures.  We continue to participate in the management of all departments using human-centered, lean startup, and design sprint methodologies.

Staffing: One (1) Senior Consultant, one (1) Consultant.

Results: An immediate impact as a startup, with seed and Series A funding imminent.




More Deliverables

Product Design Sprints

Websites and Social Media

Messaging and Pitch Decks

Skills Needed

As a percent of the total.

Marketing 35%
Sales 10%
Operations 45%
Administration 10%

Startup Impact

creates company momentum.

Marketing Prowess

tells the right stories to funders/partners and other stakeholders.