Project Brief

Client PLExD, LLC, a boutique e-learning consulting firm (2017-Present).

Engagement: Consult as best-practice business services provider, including the facilitation of lean business methodology design sprints. The proprietor already had a successful company based on subcontracting his e-learning services out to major players (contractors) in the space. What he needed was a best-practices marketing plan, a map that outlined his next steps to move up the food chain and become one of those major players that does the farming out.

Deliverables: We started by surveying the stated problem and developing a metric that could indicate the point at which the problem is solved. The team then determined that the company’s branding and marketing problem revolved around determining what distinguishes a contractor from a subcontractor. We decided that prospecting, more specifically the nature of the prospect as ultimate client instead of contractor, fit that bill. This led naturally to the proper metric, which was the number of generated quotes for ultimate clients.

We then worked dynamically with company personnel to build up this strategy, quickly moving into prioritizing sub-issues and focusing on what seemed to be the most pressing element, that of implementing a new, rebranded website with an online quote generation engine to which all other marketing efforts (also categorized during the sprint) could be directed. This enabled the proprietor to think through exactly how he wanted visitors (especially his newly defined set of prospects) to experience his website. We worked as a team to design a prototype of that experience we called, “The Journey,” that took a visitor through a short e-learning experience to devise a basic quote for the type of project she had in mind (or didn’t; many website visitors don’t have a clue what they want so we also had to design a pathway for them, as well).

Staffing: One (1) Senior Consultant, three (3) Consultants.

Results: we helped the proprietor to focus on what was immediately important, while at the same time giving him a road map to achieve what he wants his business to become.


The Sprint Facilitation Team

The Deliverable Part 1


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Skills Needed

As a percent of the total.

Marketing 25%
Sales 10%
Operations 50%
Administration 15%

Defining the Problem

assures that ideation has a direction.

Moving Quickly From Idea to Prototype

saves precious time while incenting real-world experience.