Project Brief

Client:, a newly formed international, just-in-time provider of legal cannabis packaging materials, both plain and branded, with SupplyTrac™, a signature product that automates dispensary resupply (2017-Present).

Engagement: Consult as “Director of Marketing.”

Deliverables: We create and develop all marketing, sales, operational, and administrative systems and associated forms, templates, and procedures. We run the marketing department, and also plan and document the sales and operational side of the business on an ongoing basis.

Staffing: One (1) Senior Consultant, one (1) Consultant.”

Results: A successful listing on a major stock exchange, anticipated sales of more than $17,000,000 in 2017, and double-digit growth thereafter.



Tear Sheets

More Deliverables

Sign Up Agreements

Price Lists

Order Forms


Additional Terms and Conditions

Operational Procedures

Skills Needed

As a percent of the total.

Marketing 25%
Sales 50%
Operations 10%
Administration 15%

A Strong Brand

tells your story.

Create Excellent Branding

and sales will follow.