Project Brief

Client: Wine On The Road, LLC, a provider of luxurious, behind-the-scenes tours of wine country worldwide (2010-Present).

Engagement: Consult as “Chief Wine Sherpa.”

Deliverables: We create and develop all marketing, sales, operational, and administrative systems and associated forms, templates, and procedures.  We continue to run all departments (marketing, sales, operations, administration).

Staffing: One (1) Senior Consultant, one (1) Consultant.

Results: An immediate jump from zero to two such tours per year, with continued growth anticipated.




More Deliverables

Tease Videos


Itineraries and Booking Forms

Skills Needed

As a percent of the total.

Marketing 50%
Sales 15%
Operations 30%
Administration 5%

Whimsical Marketing

can bring a brand to life.

Administrative Prowess

automates drudgery.