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Case Study Lean Startup and Design Sprint Operations: 10.10.10 Founders, LLC


Project Brief Client: 10.10.10 Founders, LLC - 10 CEOs, 10 Wicked Problems, 10 Days (2017-Present). Engagement: Consult as “Ninja and Sprinter Lead.” Deliverables: We recruit top-level talent and design programs focused on lean startup, design sprint, and human centered methodologies that keep this talent at peak performance while also accomplishing all relevant company objectives [...]

Case Study Human Centered Startup Impact and Marketing: icu2


Project Brief Client: Simplexity Institute LLC DBA icu2, a provider of products and services for the neurodiverse community worldwide (2018-Present). Engagement: Consult as “Chief Marketing Officer.” Deliverables: We develop and manage marketing, sales, operational, administrative, and business model systems strategies, tactics, and processes, including the creation of associated forms, templates, and procedures.  We continue [...]

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